Photo installation, 2015

Workshop with hospitalized children, as part of the FMAC à l’école programme, March 2015, at the Robert Debré Hospital media library, Paris. Jakob Gautel’s works in the Paris Fonds municipal d’art contemporain collection are on display there.

The children’s hands were photographed, printed, cut out and put on the walls around the windows of the mediatheque. An inspiring and playful way in which to explore the room in an unusual way : projecting oneself into the space in order to re-appropriate it.

Thanks to Loan N’Guyen, Sylvie Koenig, Catherine Coupé, Malika Benmesbah, the team of the Robert Debré Hospital and of the Fond Municipal d’Art Contemporain Paris.

→  FMAC Collection
→  Le FMAC à l’école

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