artis’cité / Here we are
Urban interventions, 2009-2010

From 2009 till 2010, four artists (Jakob Gautel, Fabrice Lauterjung, Laurent Pernel and Bertrand Saugier) have been working in the region of Montbéliard, within the artis’cité programme, coordinated by the regional art centre of Montbéliard, ’Le 19’. This cultural project is part of the ANRU’s urban renovation project, and is supported by the Communauté d’Agglomération du Pays de Montbéliard.

In 2010 :

Les Fougères, Grand-Charmont

Point of View : Inauguration of the open-air café on May 25th.
Different actors and associations of Les Fougères animated this ephemeral site and welcoming meeting place, from May 24th till May 28th, while the demolition engines in the background pulled down the Picardie block.
Nous sommes ici - Here we are : The place for which I conceived the logo, showed works done by school children.
Point of View : A photo competition held to collect images for a post card edition.

Les Buis, Valentigney

During the area’s annual festival on June 6th :
New Cities : Projection opposing two films, Ville nouvelle produced by Philippe Bardinet for Peugeot in the 1960s, and the video Ville nouvelle ? filmed as an echo by myself.
The Heart of the City : Presentation of the different modules around the model of the area (produced by Maxime Fraissinet), and inhabitants’ commentaries, films and photos of children’s workshops on the theme of the Ideal City.

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