Performance, video, photograph, 2020/2021

Sitting at a table, very close to a candle, just a few centimeters away.
Staying immobile, breathing in and out.
With every breath the flame flickers.
Making of : Jason Karaïndros

Inspiration, expiration, extinction.
Dominique Truco

Livestream performance, March 22, 2020, during the first coronavirus quarantine in Paris.

Breath at the exhibition MIRACLE, Immanence, Paris 2021.

The video (short version) is shown in the exhibitions Vivre un jour de plus, H Gallery, Paris 2020, MIRACLE, Immanence, Paris, and Le silence est un moment monument, La Box, La Réunion 2022.

The photo of Breath is shown at Artist Banners :
73 banners created by 38 artists in the streets of the medieval city of St.-Gengoux-le-National, Burgundy, from May 20 till September 21, 2021. Open air exhibition on the initiative of Anne and Max Lanci and with support of local partners.

The performance is staged at the finissage of MIRACLE, Immanence, Paris, on October 23, 2021.
Photos: Marjorie Micucci, Chimène Denneulin, Simon Kohn and Jason Karaïndros
→  Immanence

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