Installation, 2019

Memory degrades, is reformed and transformed...

Evolutive installation, based on the research about my grandparents Corona Krause (1906-1948) and Hermann (Sven) Gautel (1905-1945), students at the Bauhaus (see the bauhaus heritage ).
Kunsthalle Osnabrück, for the exhibition Crossing Lines (from August 24 till November 3, 2019), curators Jan Tichy and Christian Oxenius.
With support of the Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb der Stadt Osnabrück, which I would like to thank most warmly, as well as Christian Oxenius and the whole Kunsthalle team.
Installation photos: J.G., photos of visitors: Angela von BrilI, Anna Bittner

In the KUNSTFORUM International Nr. 263, October 2019 issue, a very nice article by Susanne Düchting about the exhibition has been published.

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