Face to face
Installation, 1991

Installation at the CHS psychiatric hospital in Caen, for the group exhibition of the association Cosa Mentale, initiated by Frédéric Mouly, in collaboration with the association Les arts.

12 different inscriptions that looked as if they had been there for a long time.
12 words to be found on the walls and in the park of the hospital:

Mon Doute / My Doubt
Ma Colère / My Rage
Ma Solitude / My Solitude
Mon Envol / My Taking flight
Ma Tristesse / My Sadness
Ma Désinvolture / My Casualness
Mon Désir / My Desire
Ma Déchirure / My Being Torn Apart
Ma Pesanteur / My Heaviness
Ma Paresse / My Laziness
Mon Amour / My Love
Ma Certitude / My Certitude

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