I Love You
Installation, 1993/2003

"Les amoureux qui s’bécottent sur les bancs public … / Lovers kissing on the public benches ..."
Georges Brassens

An initial version of this work was first produced in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1993.
This 2003 version was commissioned for the Melle contemporary art biennial L’art d’être au monde, curator: Dominique Truco.

“I love you” : the most intimate and yet perhaps the most universal sentence in the world.
The work consists of a collection of over 50 translations of the sentence “I love you” in different languages. Each one is engraved on a brass plate.
These plates are fixed on the backs of public benches in public spaces, parks and green areas around the town of Melle. On the back of each bench is another plate showing the name and at times the origin of the given language.

→  Melle International Contemporary Art Biennial

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