Video, 2006

Filmed during a video workshop at the ENSAV architectural school in Versailles.

Film set : the great flight of stairs in the parc de Versailles leading to the orangery.
Date the film was shot : April 28th 2006.
Main character : an old-fashioned pram, a “landau”.
Plot : The landau goes down the stairs, slowing down on the landings, accelerating on the steps, and comes to a final halt at the bottom, where, tumbling spectacularly, it spits out its contents : books – to be more precise, as the camera discovers when getting closer, forbidden and censured books, from differents times and cultures, books representative of freedom of expression.
Allusion to the famous scene in Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin, but also the stairs sequence from Sacha Guitry’s Royal Affairs in Versailles.

Thanks to : La Maréchalerie, Emmaüs Alternatives for the landau, the ENSAV and the students of the filming team : Benjamin Allouis, Rémi Augereau, Jong Hun Kim, Jérôme Leclerc and Mélanie Lutzler.

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