Exhibition, performance, 1999

“…just another word…”

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” — Janis Joplin

Micro-Exhibition at Eriko Momotani’s, and with her collaboration, Paris

I had noticed the increasing recurrence of the words “Freedom” and “Liberty” in all sorts of commercial and other contexts, while at the same time important issues of freedom were occurring.
Over a month, Eriko and I collected nearly 250 different ads, publications, books and articles containing the word “Freedom”. The collection continues ...
One might even be able to say we are surrounded by nothing but liberty ... !
For the invitation card, I photographed the word “Liberté” engraved above the entrance of the Santé prison in Paris, February 1999. (The door had just been damaged by an explosion.)

La cage dorée / The Golden Cage

Guilded cage in the form of a globe.

J’écris ton nom / I write your name

Performance :
I filled a school notebook from cover to cover with the word “liberté”, while seated and in full range of a strong “Wind of Freedom” created by a filmmaker’s wind machine.
Hommage to Paul Eluard’s poem Liberté j’écris ton nom.

Photos : J.G. et Eriko Momotani

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