Living Sculpture for Cats - The Cat Is Present
Project, 2014

Project for an art work for cats, in response to Eric Maillet’s proposition
→  When Cattitudes Become Form

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

The ancient Egyptians have aldready immortalized you in this pose ...
Knowing the capacity you have for intense concentration, to stay immobile for long stretches of time, and your propensity for meditation, I would like to suggest a project that will transform this activity into a work of art. Great human artists of the 20th century have been working about the notion of living sculpture, staying immobile for hours in exhibition spaces: Timm Ulrichs (The First Living Work of Art, 1961), Gilbert and Georges (Living Sculpture, since 1970), Jochen Gerz (exhibition of Jochen Gerz next to his photograph, 1972), Ulay, Marina Abramović (since the 1970s, until recently The Artist Is Present) ...

I would like to popose a pedestal, made to measure, white, its top surface covered with a comfortable layer of white felt. On the front of the pedestal there is room for a brass panel with you name, date of birth and, when appropriate, the title of your performance.

I would be delighted if you were to find my project of interest !

Yours sincerely,

Jakob Gautel

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