May 68-18 / Beneath the Tarmac, the Paving Stones!
Photograph, postcard, stickers, placard, 2018

Hommage to May 68

Benath the Tarmac, the Paving Stones!
The famous poetic slogan of May 68 “Sous les pavés, la plage! - Beneath the paving stones, the beach!” also refers to the fact that in the traditional paving technique, cobblestones are placed on a bed of sand. It reappears when the cobbles are taken away to be used as projectiles or to build barricades.
Since that time, nearly all roads have been covered with tarmac...

En marge! Vive la Frange!
Stickers, placard
By a slight voluntary misspelling, Emmanuel Macron’s famous 2017 election slogan “En marche! — In movement!” becomes “On the fringes!”, and “Vive la France! — Long live France!” transforms into “Longe live the margins!”

MAI 68-18: 50 ans ça suffit - Is 50 Years Enough?
A share and spead exhibition, with more than 68 international artists, organised together with Valérie Boccanfuso Dodeur, May 25-27, 2018, La Petite Fabrique d’Art, 34 rue Édouard Robert, 75012 Paris.
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With my placard at the Paris Gay Pride Marche des Fiertés LGBT , June 30, 2018 (back view : photo Marie Kirschen).
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Oops! Bastille Day, July 14, 2018. (Photo AP)

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