One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji
Webcam photographs, collaboration with Eriko Momotani, 2001

Hommage to Hokusai

Collaboration with Eriko Momotani, within the framework of her micro-exhibitions, Paris

The Fujiyama, Mount Fuji, is a Japanese national myth, a sacred mountain, an icon. For centuries it has been venerated and adored by artists and poets, such as Hokusai in his famous series of woodprints One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji, of 1834.
This veneration continues even today in Japan, through modern technology.
Based on hundreds of different webcam images, we constituted a collection of one hundred views, printed with an ink jet printer on traditional Japanses paper, the kind of paper used by Hokusai and his collegues to print their Ukiyo-e, their woodcuts.

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