Pensée - Thought / Performance

Performance, April 17, 2016, invited by Skall during his personal show
Extase et vomissure at the Générateur in Gentilly.
Location and duration variable, ingredients: a human being and thoughts.
(In French, a pansy, or heart’s ease, is called “une pensée”, a thought.)

Photos : Bernard Bousquet, Charlotte Herben, Vincent Victor Jouffe and Skall.
Last image of the performance : back to back with François Durif.

Les Vedettes du Pont Neuf
As part of Bertrand Lavier’s hommage to Raymond Hains at the Monnaie de Paris, every day, from May 25 until July 17, 2016, a new artist shows a poster at the pier of the Vedettes du Pont Neuf, covered by the next poster 24 hours later.
Pensée - Thought was on display on June 25.

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