Poster, 2019

On the occasion of their double exhibition at AEDAEN and at the Syndicat Potentiel in Strasbourg, March 14 - April 7, 2019, dedicated to the collective Banlieue-Banlieue (°1982, Poissy), Antonio Gallego and Mathieu Tremblin launch an edition of posters by artists from all over the world.
The posters have been displayed in public space in Strasburg, and on the ruins of block F and K of the former internment camp Joffre, also known as internment camp of Rivesaltes, for the Exposition Invisible on the occasion of the Retirada, an initiative of Antonio Gallego, May 2019.

The traffic sign meaning “Stop, no trespassing” is transformed into a paradox: “From here on, there is an afterwards”.


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