Tattoo, 1999-2001

Reinterpretation of an antique tattoo, found on the mummified body of a Scythian warrior, Pazyryk (Siberia), 3rd century BC.
Tattoo : Gwendal Owan

Nothing is deeper in man than his skin.
Paul Valéry

Photos : Jason Karaïndros, 2011
Photo of the historic tattoo : Mummified piece of skin, right arm of a pazyryk chief, Altai, Pazyryk, kurgan N° 2, Russia. Beginning of the 3rd century BC, 60 X 80 cm. Human skin, ink. Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg. Photo Vladimir Terebenin, reproduced in the exhibition catalogue Tatoueurs, tatoués, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris, Actes Sud, 2014.
Archeological drawings : Published in Tatouage Magazine N° 14, and in Tribal Tattoo Design, Pepin Press 1999.

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