Sens de la visite - Direction of the Visit
Installation, 1993/2010

Installation at the gallery LE SOUS-SOL, Paris :
The corridor leading to the gallery - which was indeed in the ’sous-sol’, the basement of the building - bore a sign with an arrow ("Sens de la visite - Direction of the Visit" became “Sens de la vie - Sense of Life”).
The second part of the corridor was transformed into an illusionary space with the help of a large mirror : a truly disorienting experience ...

A second version of this work was produced in 2010, as part of the exhibition Sens de la visite, when I was invited by Yvon Nouzille, APDV gallery.
This time the inscription “Sens de la visite”, was transformed by a “voluntary act of vandalism” (as Yvon put it) into “Sense of life”, and was written in reversed letters which became readable in a big mirror at the entrance hall of the building (panorama photo : Nicolas Durand).

Galerie APDV initiated by Yvon Nouzille, 8 rue Changarnier, 75012 Paris,
in collaboration with the concierges and inhabitants of the housing project RIVP 4001, with support of the Mairie de Paris - DPVI, the DAC (Département de l’Art dans la Ville) and the DRAC Ile-de-France, and in partnership with the RIVP.


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