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The Bauhaus, family history and Germany between the wars.
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Corona Krause

Corona Krause (1906-1948), student at the Bauhaus Weimar and at Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, was a textile and fashion designer. Her works are in the Bauhaus Dessau Collection, and also at the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin and the Bauhaus Museum Weimar.

Friedrich Stichs

Friedrich Stichs (1896-1979), Corona Krause’s husband, was a painter and a teacher at the school of applied arts Werkkunstschule Hannover. He was considered as a “degenerate artist” by the nazis and banned from exhibition. Almost all his work from the pre-war periode burnt in 1943 in the Hannover bombing. Nonetheless he continued painting and drawing untill his death.
Their daughter Uta became a graphic designer and photographer and married the designer Peter Gautel.

Hermann (Sven) Gautel

Hermann (Sven) Gautel (1905-1945), who studied at the Bauhaus Dessau, was a furniture and interior designer. His works are in the collections of the Landesmuseum Oldenburg, the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin and the Bauhaus Dessau.

Gundel Gautel

Gundel Gautel (1910-1987), Hermann Gautel’s wife and mother of their children Peter and Annett, had to abandon her dream to become a lyrical singer, for health reasons. She tried to keep alive her husband’s Bauhaus heritage, waiting for his return.


Friedrich Stichs and Gundel Gautel, Durlach, 1970s, photo Uta Gautel.

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