White Cube
Installation – scenography, 2014

This installation - scenography for the open day in January 2014 at the Parisian art and design school ENSAD, was created during a workshop by the 4th year students of the Art and Space department Ely Bessis, Iouri Camicas, Fabien Leaustic, Julie Obadia, Ji-Min Park, Julien Rodriguez, and an invited artist, Jakob Gautel.
Based on an analyses of actual scenographies by contemporary artists, discussion revolved around the open day and the conditions of producing and presenting a work of art.
Very often an art work is presented in a neutral, white, perfectly lit space, the famous “White Cube”, that has nothing to do with the creation process and the much more hazardous, mixed, chaotic, hybrid and irrational context of a studio.
During the open day at the ENSAD, studios are transformed into exhibition spaces.
We wanted to show the dichotomy between the genesis of a work, its conception and production, and its presentation. We decided to seperate a part of the room into two by drawing a horizontal line linking the tables to a technical baseboard running at mid-height across the walls. This horizon became a suspended floor visualised by suspended threads. Underneath is the space of creational process : recent, experimental student works in progress. A living, warm atmosphere where works occupy space, mix and dialogue. Above is the official presentation space, white and immaculate - but still awaiting. Empty. A perfect space in which to project our fantasies.

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