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Photo and text project, since 2014/15

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Art and science project, initiated in 2014/15 together with the jurist Alexandra Bensamoun, Centre d’Études et de Recherche en Droit de l’Immatériel – Université Paris-Sud, as part of the programme La diagonale Paris-Saclay — Festival CURIOSITas. The project continues.
In 2015 the series has been shown at the CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette and at the médiathèque George-Sand, Palaiseau, in 2016 in the exhibition Aux aguets at the Petite Fabrique d’Art, Paris, and in 2017/18 at the exhibition space of the association Il Faut le Faire at Goussainville.

Revealed images of justice(s)

Jus unum, the law is one. Are we inspired by the same universal values that tend towards justice? And what indeed is justice? Without any doubt it’s not just that blindfolded lady holding scales. Is it an ideal? A dream? For the legal expert, justice refers not to what is just, but to what is conform to the positive legislation as applied by the judicial institutions. Justice can also be unfair, the law arbitrary. History shows us many examples of iniquitous laws! But for each of us, justice is a feeling, a sensation. What is just or unjust? We are drawn from the singular to the plural. Each life history reveals a personal image of justice. Justice, justices...
And so what does justice mean to you?

Alexandra Bensamoun, 2015

With Abdel, Alain, Anne, Anne Charlotte, Antoine, Assimoula, Aude, Bernhard, Bouba, Chiemerie, Christiane, Claudia, Dagmar, Deniz, Dominique, Fabricia, Fatou, Franck, Frédéric, Gaëlle, Gilles, Giorgos, Hugo, Irène, Jacqueline, Jacques, Jason, Jo, Jocelyne, Kader, Khader, Kiêt, Laure with Micheline and children of Goussainville, Michelle, Nadarajah, Natia, Nazrul, Olivier, Omar, Özge, Patrick and Younoussa, Peter and Uta, Pierre, Pierre-Jean and Skall, Quentin and Flora, Racha and Édouard with an Eritrean refugee, Raphaël, Ray, Sandess, Sándor, Sandra, Sérine, Sophia, students from year 3, 2014-15 at the Parisian architecture school ENSAPLV, Véronique alias Utopia, Victoire, Vincent, Virginia ...

Many thanks to Jocelyne Ginestet, Frédéric Robin, Farah Rachmat, Élisabeth Ballet, Anastassia Makridou-Bretonneau, Vincent Victor Jouffe, P&U Gautel and Jason Karaïndros for their precious help, to Amnesty International and Enda Europe, to Aminata Soumaoro, to Marilyne Poulain and Christine Kermoal of the CGT union, to the photo lab Ima Chrom’, to Po Sim Sambath, Frédéric Ramade and the team of Arte Créative - Ateliers A, to Dominique Truco, Valérie and Jacques Villeglé and to the gallery Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Valois, to Christian Boltanski and the MAC VAL museum, to Véronique Pattegay, Patrice Pattegay and Théo Ampilhac, Il Faut le Faire, Goussainville, to the association Eurêka, to Anne Collin of Le Parisien, to PICTO, the T2G – Gennevilliers theatre, the art school École supérieure d’art de La Réunion, to Médecins du Monde, the Musée du quai Branly, to CABININ, Çanakkale, to Agnès Tricoire, to the architectural firm Brossy & Associés, to the president and the team of the Poitiers courthouse, and of course to all the participants.
Photos of the Goussainville opening: Jason Karaïndros, portrait of the artist: Anne Collin, Le Parisien, December 2017

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