Covid & Co.
Photographs, performances, videos, assemblages, 2020-2021

The period of the Covid pandemic, the constraints of its lockdowns, the deceleration of life and the ever present risk have inspired several works.
With the complicity of Jason Karaïndros.
See also the video performance Breath .

Fragment of an engraved marble plate, found in Greece, and a German parking disk.
Assemblage finalised during the first Covid lockdown, Paris, March 2020.
“Panta rhei” (Πάντα ῥεῖ / Pánta rheî) is a concept by Heraclitus which means in ancient greek litterally “Everything flows”, everything changes, nothing is permanent.
Clear Channel
Situation discovered during the first Covid lockdown, on one of my walks limited to 1 km, place d’Italie, Paris, April 2020. The name of the publicity company marked on the pannel, “Clear Channel”, is indeed meaningful.
The Scream
A version of Munch’s Scream, April 2020. During the lockdown, the cellphone became one of the rare communication links with the outside world.
This photo from August 2020 takes up the pose of the famous portrait of the actress Demi Moore nude and pregnant, photographed by Annie Leibovitz in 1991.
The photo has been published in the collective artist book Almanach - Ides of March, Paris 2021, at the date of 08/21/20.
The Nest
Ancient human skull in a bird’s nest, September 2020.
  • The Nest and Breath at the exhibition MIRACLE, Immanence, Paris 2021.
Breath at the exhibition MIRACLE, Immanence, Paris 2021.
Performance photograph, November 2020
Performance photograph, March 2021, during the third lockdown.
  • The Servant
    Assemblage, March 2021.
    “Eager to serve you.”

Happy birthday , video, April 2020.
Or how to celebrate your birthday during lockdown.

Landscape , video, Summer 2020.
The world breathes.

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